//Enduro Bluetooth

Enduro Bluetooth

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Inputs of this cluster are:

  • 1 dedicated independent input for the CAN bus
  • dedicated inputs for handlebar switches
  • dedicated analogical inputs for temperature sensors, fuel level sensor.

The dashboard is equipped with a LCD display for showing following information:

  • Speed
  • Fuel/Engine temperature/SoC
  • Odometer
  • Trips
  • Clock

LCD general characteristics:

  • Automotive grade
  • LCD type: TN
  • Backlight type: LED

The dashboard is equipped with 6 telltales, as a proposal:

  • Winkers
  • High beam
  • Reserve
  • MIL
  • Oil pressure
  • Neutral

The dashboard is also equipped with wireless communication hardware type Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, which allows the dashboard to become a Bluetooth SMART device type and communicate with other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices like SmartPhones.

Wireless communication hardware is directly integrated into the dashboard hardware and it has a direct communication with the Dashboard MCU (Microcontroller Unit).

Wireless communication HW has processor capabilities and manages all the external communications including:

  • BTLE stack.
  • Proprietary protocol (communication through SmartPhone)
  • Security encryption mechanisms.

Internal communication exists, between DashBoard MCU and Wireless communication processor. Dashboard MCU is the Master on the communication and it continuously controls and manages the wireless communication.