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Discover the new of Facomsa’s connectivity

2020-12-01T06:40:09+00:00November 23rd, 2020|


With the app, the user always be connected with the motorcycle, which will allow the user to take full advantage of the connectivity offered by Facomsa products.

Navigation system; From the application the user can choose the destination or find the closest charging point or fuel station, and the navigation system will be activated on the speedometer screen in real time. There is also the possibility of screen sharing, obtaining an integrated navigation system. Location; the user can know where the vehicle is at all times, the user will have his vehicle fully controlled. Diagnosis; Check the status of the vehicle: charge level, remaining range, battery status and everything you need, so that it is always ready to go.

With the technology and connectivity offered by the APP developed by Facomsa you will provide added value to your vehicles, offering the best level of connectivity to your customers