//Facomsa is exposing at MWC 2017

Facomsa is exposing at MWC 2017

2018-11-23T09:33:22+00:00febrero 27th, 2017|

Facomsa takes the opportunity of the MWC to expose the developments related to connectivity and TFT’s. The connected devices, as instrument cluster or connectivity box, are equipped with connectivity components, that allows us to send the information from the vehicle to a Smartphone application.

The connection between the instrument cluster and the Smartphone is bidirectional, so the instrument cluster sends information to the Smartphone and viceversa.

​The Smartphone can also be connected with the factory by sending the data from the vehicles, and can also be bidirectional. So the factory can send information to the vehicles.

All these connections allows us to bring added value to the driver and to manufacturer.

We will also present different technical options for displaying Navigator indications on the TFT screen.